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  • Create and release ad campaigns with predefined ad modes
  • Set orders with impression count, rates and frequency details
  • "Leverage branded content over partner content by directing audience to your site"
  • Run multiple campaigns from one RO and edit your campaigns to maximize gain
  • Power your campaign with widgets to link your social and custom accounts

Ad Modes

Linear Admodes

  • Pre-roll
  • Mid-roll
  • Post-roll

Outstream Admodes

  • Native Banner Ad
  • Native Video Ad
  • Video Banner


  • Enspot - Full Page Takeover
  • In-article Video Ad

Non Linear Admodes

  • Overlay Banner
  • Rich Media Overlay


  • View summaries of Release Order performance and Ad viewing trend
  • Access detailed reports including data on impressions, clicks, campaign period, location, show, etc
  • Access real-time and regulated billing summaries

Ad Targeting

  • Customize your ad delivery. Specify target audience by Geo, Device, Publisher and few other significant parameters
  • Utilize an advanced, inherent bidding system to ensure your campaigns run on prime media realty
  • Realize great value and the right audience for your advertising budget with our programmatic buying platform